Flexi-Sea Turtle

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Flexi-Sea Turtle with removable shell lid. Has storage space inside shell, can also be a succulent planter with optional shell lid

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This friendly looking sea turtle is a great gift for all ages. The Turtle shell is removable, and there is storage space inside. There is an optional shell lid that is open at the top, so you can convert your turtle into a planter, perfect size for a succulent!  This is a print in place model and prints assembled, no glue or screws needed!

* Please note that 3D printed items are made by machine that lays down very thin layers of plastic, one layer at a time. Slight imperfections / rough edges are expected, but I work hard to avoid/remove them. All items are made to order, so please be patient as I work hard to give you a quality product.

* For orders with gradient filament please know that the color transitions are random, and may not match any pictures exactly. If you are looking for a specific color transition, please feel free to reach out and let us know what color(s) you are looking for, and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.

* Please note that while 3D printed items are made of plastic, they can break if used too vigorously. For this reason, we recommend that  very small children do not play unsupervised with 3d printed items.


This model is made by Flexi-Factory



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